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Technique Tip: Rib Cage Placement


Importance of Rib Cage Placement By: Gayle Eubanks Have you ever wondered why your instructor is always commenting to you to keep your ribcage down on the mat or closed? There are a couple of reasons for this. If you think about basic anatomy, (check out the skeleton behind the front desk) you’ll notice the […] Read more

Congratulations to Davy on passing her exam!


Congratulations, Davy Darnton, on passing your STOTT Pilates Matwork & Reformer Level 1 Exam! We are so happy for you that you achieved this major accomplishment!   Davy is a high-energy and popular trainer at MOVE in Ann Arbor.  Her reformer classes rock and she inspires her clients to reach their goals with her warm […] Read more

Pilates is NOT a trend…it’s a lifestyle


    Pilates is NOT a trend…it’s a lifestyle     By: Nancy Hodari           GOOGLE ALERT December 17, 2015:   “Pilates is NOT a top Fitness Trend for 2015-2016″   You might be surprised to learn of my relief when I read this Google alert. But Pilates was NEVER a […] Read more

Congratulations, Courtney Jones, on passing your exam!


Congratulations to Courtney Jones on passing your STOTT Pilates Level 1 Matwork & Reformer exam! You have worked so hard to reach this goal and we are very proud of your commitment & success! A little more about Courtney: Courtney Jones, born and raised in Chicago has always had a love of fitness, sports, and […] Read more

Congratulations to our alumni apprentice, Cortney!


One of our most recent apprentices, Cortney Kosmala-Jackson, just passed her Full Level 1 STOTT Pilates Exam and we are very proud of her! Congratulations, Cortney! You worked very hard and we celebrate your accomplishment! We look forward to continuing to support your Pilates career and journey.   Read more

“Let’s Breath” by Gayle Eubanks


 “Let’s Breath” by Gayle Eubanks We all know that breathing helps us focus and move  tension from muscles we don’t need to be using, especially our upper backs, shoulders and necks. Breathing, especially your exhale also helps you make the connection to your deepest core. Lie down and put your hands on your low belly. […] Read more

Congratulations Jessie & Lauren on passing your exams!


We are so excited to congratulate two of our staff instructors, Jessie Hodari and Lauren Kerwin, on passing their Full Level 1 Exams! Both of these ladies worked extremely hard during their training, practicing and studying. We are thrilled that all their time, effort & dedication has paid off! Jessie and Lauren have openings on our […] Read more

Congratulations, Lily Seitter, on passing your exam!


Congratulations to Lily Seitter on passing her STOTT Pilates Full Level 1 Exam! We loved having you in courses at Equilibrium and are so proud of all your hard work and accomplishments! We look forward to continuing to support you as a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor! Lily is a Pilates Instructor at My Pilates Studio […] Read more